Valvtect Marina of the Year
Family Owned Since 1933

A Few Words On Quality

Not only do we filter all of our Fuels, we take the further step of including all of ValvTect's additives in all of our fuels, making our Premium Diesel and Gasolines by far the best Marine Fuels in Newport Harbor.

Why put anything else in your vessel? She is your baby, your hard earned pleasure machine.

Getting the most mileage out of a tank of fuel is more important than ever.  Most boaters, however, don't know that using a gasoline or diesel fuel specially formulated for marine engines can significantly reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs and extend marine engine life.  That's why we recommend and provide ValvTect.  They are test-proven to reduce fuel consumption and protect the engine from premature wear.

For around the same price per gallon as the other "regular" Fuel Docks, you can fill up with Premium, Filtered ValvTect fuels.


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